Welcome to Lidgett!

My name is Kate Wagner and I created Lidgett because I truly believe that the right clothing can help you achieve your dreams. I have always been attracted to and amazed by the power of clothing. It can speak for you before you even say a word. It can welcome people or turn people away. It can show respect or disdain. It can exude confidence or fear. 

Clothing has always allowed me to be whoever I wanted to be, even if I was just faking it until I made it. It gave me courage when I walked into my first job. It gave me strength when I felt powerless. It told a story when I didn't have a voice. All of these reasons are why I believe to my core that clothing should be used as a tool to help you achieve your dreams. Lidgett clothing will tell people that you are daring, feminine, and full of grit.

I am so proud and in love with the first Lidgett summer line because I worked directly with a friend and talented artist, Jenna Brownlee, to bring you several stunning prints that will appear on the clothing. I really love a bold print and this first summer line is all about florals, fruits, and stripes! These prints have all extensively been collaborated on by myself and Jenna working together. And you won't find them anywhere else in the world. They are charming, exquisite, and one of a kind, just like the women that will be wearing them. 

So whatever your ambitions may be or wherever you want to go in your life, Lidgett clothing will help you get there. I promise.

Thank you for being here. 


Kate Wagner

Founder and Designer